Algorithm G is a strategic and creative advisor boutique, growth hacking brands to be future smart and deep tech ready 

Algorithm G offers expert consultancy for corporations, curates 4 dynamic accelerator programs, and advises emerging startups 

Algorithm G created GAIA© - a copyrighted AI software engineered for crafting cost-effective, robust, tailored genAI apps

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Key Facts

6 Countries
10+ Corporate Clients
45+ Strategic Initiatives
80+ GAIA©-based Apps
4 High-impact Accelerators
1000+ Creations at Algorithm G Studios
6 Equity Ventures
120+ Startups Advised

Key Capabilities

Generative AI powered by GAIA©
Web3 technologies
Digital Growth strategies
Advanced eCommerce
Venture Building expertise

Corporate Advisory Services

Algorithm G provides expert advisory and consultancy for major corporations and brands, serving members from top European Stock Exchanges. Spotlight on selected brand collaborations

Corporate Accelerator Products

Our 4 accelerator programs are high-impact and concise, delivering tailored strategies for audiences, from trainees to board members. Participate in our survey to find out which accelerator makes the most sense for your company through our Algorithm G Index©

Startups Advisory Services 

We guide startups championing disruptive and scalable technologies towards success. Annually, we provide advisory to 120+ startups, sourced from diverse accelerators, incubators and VCs


Under the leadership of Gonçalo Perdigão, Algorithm G collaborates with an elite network of consultants, entrepreneurs, and partners 

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